Medical Specimen

Go Girl Logistics is a healthcare courier that specialises in the transport of medical supplies, specimens, equipment, organs, and highly sensitive documents in Gauteng and major cities across South Africa. We support our clients to achieve their optimum patient care goals by providing professional and flexible transportation and delivery solutions. Our first priority resides with our clients and their patients. We operate with consistency and integrity to ensure that anything from a tissue biopsy to a patient’s blood sample are handled carefully and arrive at the proper destination safely and in a timely manner. When it comes to medical and laboratory specimens, blood work, urine samples, biopsies, and infectious samples, proper handling is critical. Organ and tissue shipments, diagnostic tests, and infectious specimens are transported in climate-controlled equipment and vehicles by certified drivers. Drivers are trained and equipped with coolers, ice packs, and dry ice to store and maintain lab specimens and biological products at the appropriate temperatures in transit.

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